What's the PWYW Model

.The Pay What You Want (PWYW) business model is just as the name entails, users are able to pay from 0 USD and up to support your work and obtain its License for both personal and commercial purposes.

Behind the scenes was founded with a goal and vision to give the black community the representation it deserves.

So, when we were on the drawing board figuring out our business model, having a "pay-per-license" or “subscription” model as used by most stock photo platforms didn't seem right, as it will interfere with our cause and movement, which is - bringing in about change and having our message and the works and creativity of our contributors reach the four corners of the world, pushing us further towards our goal…, that being said, having the photos available 100% free didn't seem right either, we want to open a tunnel no matter its size for our creatives to receive monetary support for their hard work and creativity, and hence our pay what you want business model.

How it works

.As a contributor/photographer, for each dollar a buyer pays to download your photo, you make a whopping 70% while is credited 30%.

.A further 5% is deducted from the contributor and, totalling 10% - which is then contributed to afro-centric causes and charities around the world.

Basically :

1 - 70% goes to you, the contributor / photographer

2 - 30% goes

3 - and the Contributor/Photographer gives 5% each towards charities and causes that supports and empowers the black community. (Ultimately, this means Photographers get 65%, gets 25% and 10% is given to chosen, vetted and handpicked afro-centric causes and charities)

3 - You are credited to your chosen payment method on the 15th of each month with a minimum payment threshold of $25.