For each DOLLAR Ebonado and its community of photographers make; 10% is collectively being donated to charities that support black causes all over the world.

.We all most likely wake up every day wishing we could make a change. This is our way of making a change, we chose to do it through what we love., as observers, and as community members, we saw the imbalance and injustice of the photography stock market. Ebonado was founded on that ground, to help balance the representation of the black community in the stock photo market. Once we created the platform to fill in that gap, we chose to take it a step further by then helping out the black community through the work and proceeds from our community.


.It’s simple, Ebonado is a platform built on the sense of community. All work shared on it is FREE for you to do with as you our license says here here yet our Pay What You Want business model allows you to pay what you want for the photo you need (most people choose to pay similar rates offered on other stock platforms). 10% of whatever you choose to pay goes directly to charities providing drinkable water, books, education and jobs to the black community in Africa and around the world.

So you see - when we said your dollar on Ebonado goes further than you might think, WE MEANT IT.

Ebonado – the change we deserve