Badges are one of the many ways we celebrate our photographers' achievements.

.Our badges are prestigious, full of meaning and prestige, so if you have one, be proud because you deserved it, its one of our ways of letting you know that we know what you're doing.

Here are our badges and who gets them

Ebonado Original

The Ebonado Original Badge is one of our most exclusive badges. it is given to only 1500 Creators, the first 1500 creators to join our cause... and uploads 15 Images is given the Ebonado Original Badge with a special thank you.

Ebonado Paragon

Our most prestigious badge is given to creators that upload high-quality unique images that follows our guidelines regularly...

Ebonado Victor-ludorum

This badge is given to winners of our Ebonado Awards , we organize awards every once in a while and the winner of said awards will have a badge on his/her profile..., & his/her name will be added to our exclusive Victor-Ludorum BLACK PAGE.

Ebonado Voguish

This is a badge given to the most popular creator on our platform each month. it stays on your Profile page for the entire month and if it's given...  to another creator in the coming month, you will be bestowed with the "Ebonado Veteran Voguish" Badge with a count next to it for how many times you were most popular.

Ebonado Felidae

Much like the high numbers of blotches and rosettes on Felidaes, the Ebonado Felidae badge is given to people with 25.000 downloads of their... photos and work on our platform

Ebonado Plethorian

As the name suggests, this page is given to photographers with over 1 million views on their images and work, its to celebrate the enormous... reach of your work, if you have this badge, know that you work has literally circled the globe.