Story Behind the Work

Not until late 2019 that I decided to embrace my identity; starting with my hair and my hairstyles. I became more confident and needed no validation. I could literally walk into a room filled with ladies wearing wigs and I’ll still feel like I’m the main juice in the party, unbothered! But when I see my fellow ladies rocking their African hairstyles, I automatically become their fan..

So dear African woman, your hairstyles aren’t local or ugly, your hairstyles are magic!, and we should start rocking more of them like queens! Cos we’re queens. Solid queens!


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Painting On Oil

Hair my identity


  • - Size: 91.44 x 101.6 x 0.1 cm   (Framed)

  • - Frame Material : Wood

  • - Frame Color : Black

  • - Style: Contemporary

  • - Subject: People

Shipping & Returns  

This artwork will be shipped to you by the artist & by default we ebonado, offer a 14 days return warranty no questions asked.

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