Story Behind the Work

I’m not actually going to be back and forth with “stay safe and wash your hands” anthem that we’ve been on, for the past three weeks and counting.
But I’m here to say “we got this and we’ll get through this, together , cos we’re champions “

So permit me to ask,
how are you?, how have you been fairing?, hope you’re hanging in there?. We’ll be fine!
Without mincing words, the challenge isn’t only about this invisible virus, but the physical virus some of us experience day after day. It’s called hunger and starvation, cos we live in a society (NIGERIA) where hunger and starvation kills faster than any virus, but no one would notice because it’s a norm.
We’ve accepted to receive crumbs from the people who we (well not me), elected to lead and provide for us. Sighs** I’m sincerely not in the best mood to write an epistle but I just wanted to remind us that, “we got this, you got this ”


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Painting On Oil

You got This


  • - Size: 45.72 x 55.88 x 0.1 cm   (Framed)

  • - Frame Material : Wood

  • - Frame Color : Black

  • - Style: Contemporary

  • - Subject: Abstract

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