Story Behind the Work

All my life, I have always wanted and still want to be a leading figure in Any platform I find myself in.. My family is neither rich nor famous,.. We didn’t have supportive relatives, role models (well except for my parents), but my parents did a great job to nurture and equip us.. Being kids, my parents created a niche for us where we grew happily and naively.. we were oblivious of what the society was becoming.. Then... Then I grew... All I’ve known and still know is “all man for himself “.. So the Cruel society, terrible people, societal demands, emotional abuse, societal pressure and self sabotage, reshaped me.. In my head, I conquered fears, and obstructions or whatever life brought to my doorsteps.. I stayed winning!
But after every fight, it feels like I lost something (you know when you engage in a physical fight and days later, you discover you lost your earring or wristwatch?).. Everything seems complete.. But.. But what about my soul?, my essence, my morals, my emotions ... I can’t feel it like before, like when I was a kid.. Could I have lost it somewhere? Could I have exchanged it for a pot of porridge?, Did I outgrow it? is it on rent? Or is it trapped in between good and bad? Cos most days I feel victorious, other days I feel like my head is underwater, could it be lost in there?

Where is your soul? (You don’t owe me an answer)

Well I can’t find mine, so I’m on a quest... for a soul search.. Because when I eventually find it, I’ll ask her some questions and then, merge it with the rest of me, in other to be whole again, just like when I was a child.. The quest is also, to actualize my dreams and full potentials, with the presence of my soul.. cos what is a dream-come-true without a soul?
So you’ll bear with me, pray for me, wish me well and judge me less.


#woman #light #green #darkness #hope
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Painting On Oil

Soul Search


  • - Size: 45.72 x 55.88 x 0.1 cm   (Framed)

  • - Frame Material : Wood

  • - Frame Color : Black

  • - Style: Contemporary

  • - Subject: People

  • - Work is signed on the back

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