Story Behind the Work

As we all know, during the lockdown, couples were left with no other choice but to be with their significant other..

The toxic partner made it hell for the other, whilst those who fell out of love with their significant other, somehow found a way to reignite their love flames..

I’ve heard some married women/ men say that they’re more happy when their partner travels or out for work , which explains what might be going on in their marital life.. But for others, it’s the opposite..

As we celebrate this season of love, I hope we find a reason to love each other unconditionally and stick to the love vows that was made, especially for the married folks..

Happy Valentines


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Painting On Acrylic

Fire on ice


  • - Size: 96.52 x 121.92 x 0.1 cm   (Framed)

  • - Frame Material : Wood

  • - Frame Color : Black

  • - Style: Contemporary

  • - Subject: People

  • - Work is signed on the back

  • - One of a kind work

Shipping & Returns  

This artwork will be shipped to you by the artist & by default we ebonado, offer a 14 days return warranty no questions asked.

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