Bringing about change a a Creative Director or Designer…take a moment...try to think of a digital platform that represents the black community… there isn't one, we looked.

.Ebonado's aim and goal is to balance up the representation of the black community in the stock photo market, while giving back to that same community that are under-served throughout the world, specifically Africa.

.For creative directors, designers and business owners from all races that care about diversity and equal representation in their work, finding stereotypical free images and assets of black people is nearly impossible, our platform is here to solve that issue, we want to make it easier for people who care about diversity to get access to the material needed to achieve that.

.Ebonado has been made for the community of photographers - photographers that have portfolios that are inclusive and who have been patiently waiting for a platform to represent the black community. Black photographers now proudly have a platform that represents them solely, it's from us to us, and while Ebonado is an afro-centric photo marketplace, photographers from all races that care about black representation and want to share their amazing pictures of black models and people are also welcomed to upload their work and support our cause.

Watch this and get the full idea